The World's First Cloud and Virtual Factory-based Flash Programming Platform

Deploy, monitor, and manage your production Programming Images across the world, securely and in real-time

The PEcloud launches on April 17th 2023

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Features of the PEcloud

Virtual Factories & Connected Programming Images

Cyclone Production Programming Images can now be created that are tethered to a corresponding "Job" in a customer's online Virtual Factory (VF). The Job contains metadata about the Image and tracks the Image's restrictions, programming counts, usage, and programming logs across all Cyclones. A Virtual Factory is the hub between specific Cyclones, jobs/images, external data servers, and users who control the system.

Real-Time Monitoring, Control & Logging

Only Cyclones attached to a Virtual Factory can use Images/Job associated with it. Programming permission is requested by each Cyclone from the PECloud for every program and the result is logged. Jobs can be paused, stopped, deleted, updated, and monitored in real-time in the Virtual Factory. Detailed logs show unique detail of each target programmed including dynamic data, unique device IDs, etc.

Automated or Local Image Delivery

Job Programming Images can be delivered automatically to Cyclones in the Virtual Factory. In this case, when the Cyclone selects and launches a Job, the Cyclone downloads the associated image as needed. Jobs can be replaced in the Virtual Factory in a way that programming images can be updated transparently to the Cyclone. Alternatively to automatic delivery, the PECloud can hold just the Job Metadata and the Job Image binary is loaded into Cyclones locally (via the SDK, Console, or GUI).

Custom Encrypted Programming Images

All Cloud Connected Images are created already encrypted with customer generated/held image encryption keys. The same image encryption keys are loaded by the customer into their own Cyclones during the setup process to allow Image decryption. The PECloud does not hold or transact these keys and they are independent of the secure connections used by Cyclones to access the PECloud.

PEcloud Demo Video

Watch this teaser video explaining some of funtionality of the PEcloud to see it in action. In this video you will see:

  • How to Download PEcloud credentials
  • How to Generate a PEcloud Provisioning Code for a Cyclone
  • How to Link a Cyclone to the PEcloud
  • How to reate and upload a Programming Job to the PEcloud
  • How to select and launch a PECloud Programming Job
  • How to Inspect the log in the PEcloud

About Us

With over 40 years of experience and leadership in the embedded systems space, PEmicro conceived, designed and implemented the PEcloud as a next-generation platform to tackle the challenges of an ever-more-connected world. Here are 3 of our previous accomplishments:

  • In 1980 we developed and marketed the world's first general purpose EPROM programmer.
  • PEmicro was also the world's first to develop the concept of an in-circuit simulator.
  • We also brought to market the world's first products to use background debug mode.

Satisfied Customers

Years of experience

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find what you're looking for on this FAQ, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.

  • Is there a cost to using PEcloud?

    There currently is no cost to using PEcloud. Eventually we may create a paid tier based on volume, time, or feature set.

  • PEcloud was developed by PEmicro, a renowned leader in the embedded systems industry for over 40 years. Originally created to address PEmicro's own flash programming production challenges, we soon realized its potential as an invaluable resource for our customers. With a focus on security, we built the PEcloud platform from scratch, tailoring it to meet the specific needs of our clients.

  • A Job in the PEcloud Virtual Factory is the metadata for a specific production programming image that's generated using the Image Creation Utility. The Job record, which includes information such as the image's programming count and date restrictions, the name of the encryption ImageKey used to encrypt it, the virtual factory number, job description, and more, is automatically stored in the Virtual Factory when the image is created.

    On the other hand, a cloud-connected Programming Image contains not only the metadata but also the actual binary data and algorithms required for programming. It is fully encrypted with customer-generated encryption keys and can be stored directly to the virtual factory with the Job record for automatic delivery to authorized Cyclones that are part of the Virtual Factory.

    Alternatively, it can be saved locally on disk for customer-initiated delivery to Cyclones with the automated control SDK, in which case the cloud only holds the metadata. Regardless of how it is delivery to a Cyclone, the image will only operate in conjunction with the associated Job in the Virtual Factory.

  • A Virtual Factory (VF) is a powerful feature of the PEcloud platform that allows you to group multiple resources together for a shared purpose. These resources include Cyclones, Jobs (with associated programming images), and Users. By grouping these resources into a logical space, it allows you simply specify which pieces work together.

    For example, you can create a VF for each remote physical factory and assign specific Cyclones and Jobs to each VF. This enables you to manage the programming jobs which are available to Cyclones in each factory independently. Alternatively, you might want to create a new VF for each customer, so that you can invite customers into their respective VFs to view the progress of their programming runs. You could also create separate VFs for testing and production, or combine the two.

    Cyclones don't need to be physically located in the same place to work together. You can have Cyclones in different locations all working on the same Programming Job under the same VF. Additionally, one VF can be set up to work with multiple Programming Jobs simultaneously. The Cyclones can select from a list of available jobs.

    The possibilities of how to utilize VFs are endless, but the most important thing is that a VF is a great tool for organizing and optimizing your programming processes.

  • The PEcloud works with PEmicro's Cyclone LC and Cyclone FX production programmers. These are extremely powerful and easy to use in-circuit programmers. They also have the appropriate level of cryptography support to keep your data safe. Cyclone Programmer details can be found here.

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